"We believe in better
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Our Mission

At GoNation we believe life's too short to settle and miss out.

We are transforming the way people discover in cities and how a local business thrives online and offline. The difference with us and everyone else is the approach. Our revolutionary hybrid platform is part social media, part search and 100% shareable data. We combine all the elements to build the ultimate local discovery platform. We connect people in a community with no limitations. Know what the area has to offer you without searching or wasting any time. We hope to empower communities and give travelers a reason to come back. After all, your city is the biggest connection that you have, and all that you need to Discover Now.

About Us

GoNation is powered by a passionate team of creatives, engineers and growth hackers. Lovingly made in Connecticut and Boston we are headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, 70 miles outside of NYC. The company was founded by Chaz Tanase and Matt Basileo in 2012, later adding Matthew Brisch for growth and Sean Burke as technical cofounder.

Cliff notes?

We just want people to experience more and live. Get out, have fun, try something new, get what you want, when you want and discover something amazing.

Where are you going next?

We know that local is as much online as it is offline. GoNation is where social meets locally in real time. Our end goal is better connect people with the places around them so they can make better decisions on how to spend their time and money.

Discover Now and Experience Better.

Fun fact: GoNation is ONE word, not two. Pet peeve of ours but, you’ll get it ;)

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The future of local data.

The people behind GoNation live local, and love data. We care about the community, and we use technology in a creative way to solve the local discovery problem.

Do you think that midstate works with your brand, technology, or vision. Let's make something great happen together. We are all about working with talented teams to solve this problem in a big way. Every way we can.

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